Microsoft Access versus SQL Server Database

Microsoft Access and SQL Server are two of the most popular database solutions for small businesses. How do you know which one is best for your business?

Your database can and typically is an essential need for your growing business. In order for your database to work for you, it must be properly suited for the task it is expected to accomplish.

In the beginning stages of your business, you may have only a few employees, a few customers, and only a few inventory items and invoices to manage. For this stage of your business, Microsoft Access is a great database and application environment suitable for of 4-5 people using the software at a given time. As your business grows, however, your customer list grows, your inventory items grow, your invoices grow and the number of employees using your database grows, you may find MS Access struggling to keep up. Running a database too small for your needs can and usually will cause sluggishness especially if the system was originally designed with only a limited data set.

As your business grows, and you find your MS Access DB unable to keep up, you can switch to SQL Server Database. SQL Server offers the most space, fast search, fast retrieval and updates and efficiency that your business needs. SQL Server supports hundreds of users actively using the system at any given time and still performs well under load. You can also enter multiple data forms and have peace of mind that it will be safely and securely stored.

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